Standing next to the bench-top centrifuge with a frustrated frown upon her face, she asked in a questioning voice, “June?”


 “What do you need, doll?” the gray-haired woman answered from across the room as she began walking towards the younger girl.  Laughing gently to herself, she wondered at the impatience of her young ‘charges’.  It was always comical to watch them grow from floundering students into confident researchers.  Shaking her head and with a smile on her face, she finally stood next to the irked graduate student.


“I think there’s something wrong with the centrifuge,” she stated, pushing the ‘open’ button three or four times, listening to it ‘click’ each time.  “Does it normally make a clicking sound whenever you open it?” the student asked, as she sighed in frustration.  It had been a long morning and this would be the third thing she’d ‘touched’ that had ended up breaking.  “I don’t remember it doing this before, and now I’m getting paranoid.”


“Honey, it’s been making that noise since it left the factory door.  There’s nothing wrong with it.  I promise.”


With a grin, the young girl stated, “I need chocolate; let's go down to the Q-T store."




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